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Boost Astroplant to Mars πŸš€

Thursday December 6, 15:15-17:15h

AstroPlant is an educational citizen science project with the European Space Agency to engage a new generation of space farmers, collect data and ideas for agriculture on Mars, develop open source research equipment, and create awareness of regenerative and closed-loop life support systems. 

The AstroPlant kit v4.0

No matter if you are more hands on or a theoretical master, this is your chance to see how science can meet tech.
To get an idea which plant can be taken on a space mission we need to learn more about how plants grow in different environmental conditions. 
Come and join our workshop and help us to improve the research kit and think along with us over biology and protocols, electronics, backend/API or the educational program.

In small groups we will tackle pre-defined design challenges that will be facilitated by our international Astroplant team of experts. Triggering you to think blue sky and cross pollinate ideas. Next to that we will test build the first kit v5 so you can have a look under the motor cap or get active and wired up.


Thieme Hennis

Thieme Hennis

Thieme Hennis’s formal training is in complex systems engineering and in self-organisation in education (PhD in 2016) with a strong interest in circular and sustainable system design. With organisations like And The People and Border Sessions he currently works on topics such as inclusive and circular system design, sustainable housing, and food and agri innovation by organising processes in which relevant stakeholders meet and co-create new solutions that meet the demands of a changing society. He leads the IoT, citizen science, and open source project called AstroPlant to engage young explorers with the quest to grow plants in space and generate data about plants so we can feed ourselves on this planet and beyond in the decades to come.

Gernot Kuenzel

Gernot Kuenzel is an trained industrial designer (MA), followed the Master in European Design program with the focus on strategic design and concept creation.

In the recent years he has built a broad knowledge of new product development and technology by working at a leading producer like Nimbus Group and currently at the innovation agency Pezy Group.

With his experience from working with several IoT startups to market launch and incubators at Multi-nationals and interest in digital technologies, the makers movement and sustainability he has seen what it needs to get the best and right out there.

Focusing on the Astroplant product and UX design he translates smart minds’ ideas and wishes into a tangible kit that is easy and fun to use and make.

Empowering kids to dive into biology, science and technology while contributing to a bigger mission and a more sustainable future.

Program Day 1

Our program on Thursday the 12th

Day 1 of Thingscon 2019 we will shape the future narratives of the responsible IoT and beyond together. You can dive deep with peers, thought leaders, innovators, and researchers from the ThingsCon community and beyond:

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Program Day 2

Our program on Friday the 13th

Day 2 of Thingscon 2019 is about the current state of the responsible IoT. You can get inspiration from thought leaders and practitioners from the field, get hands-on with the latest tools & insights and be part of the leading discours. To end Thingscon will present a State of the Responsible IoT in 2019:

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Tickets & info

12 / 13 December, Rotterdam | Get your tickets now!

Date and time

Thursday, 12 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 19:00 (CET)
Friday, 13 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 20:00 (CET)


Het Nieuwe Instituut
25 Museumpark, 3015 CB Rotterdam (map)


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Speakers & hosts

Our speakers & hosts

We are happy to announce our keynote speakers and hosts for sessions and workshops. These include:

Marleen Stikker
Tracy Rolling
Heather Wiltse
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Klasien van de Zandschulp
Mirena Papadimitriou
Davide Gomba
Wouter Reeskamp

But wait, there are many more:

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