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Connected Toys Design in a sensitive context

Friday, December 7, 11:00-13:00h

The state of -and value attributed to- physical toys is changing in Western Society. Children stop playing with physical toys at a much younger age in favour of Digital Games. More and more millennial parents see this trend as troubling because they want their kids to be less reliant on digital media. One example is the removal of computers out of the classroom in Western Europe.

Connected Toys have the potential to bridge this seeming gap – between learning physical, motory skills that come with physical toys, while also adopting modern, digital skills without relying (solely) on a screen. In some cases Connected Toys can make social connections stronger in an increasingly mobile, but also geographically dispersed society, in which family and friends are no longer always just around the corner. Yet, Connected Toys also introduce a less obvious connectedness via for instance cameras and sounds sensor ‘designed’ into the object (thus not necessarily recogniseable as such), which can also bring all sorts of new concerns, of surveillance and privacy, into the home. The question we aim to address in this sesion is what an Internet of Things in your kid’s room would look like? What are the opportunities and threats? What are good practices when ti comes to designing such toys, and at what point does it become creepy?

In this workshop cases and strategies will be presented after which we would like to invite you to discuss dilemma’s and conceptualise the ‘perfect’ Connected Toy!


Wouter Reeskamp

Wouter Reeskamp is co-founder of Sophisti, which is a Connected Product Design agency working in this field for over 11 years. For this workshop he teams up with Strategy and Policy Researcher from TNO Dr. Tjerk Timan. He has published on the Smart Toys from a legal and privacy perspective (among other, related topics)

Tjerk Timan

Program Day 1

Our program on Thursday the 12th

Day 1 of Thingscon 2019 we will shape the future narratives of the responsible IoT and beyond together. You can dive deep with peers, thought leaders, innovators, and researchers from the ThingsCon community and beyond:

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Our program on Friday the 13th

Day 2 of Thingscon 2019 is about the current state of the responsible IoT. You can get inspiration from thought leaders and practitioners from the field, get hands-on with the latest tools & insights and be part of the leading discours. To end Thingscon will present a State of the Responsible IoT in 2019:

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12 / 13 December, Rotterdam | Get your tickets now!

Date and time

Thursday, 12 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 19:00 (CET)
Friday, 13 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 20:00 (CET)


Het Nieuwe Instituut
25 Museumpark, 3015 CB Rotterdam (map)


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