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Designing the IoT (Software) Engineer

Thursday, December 6, 13:00-15:00h

With the current and future influences of IoT in the society, industry and the environment we need specialists, engineers, that develop and deliver the ‘things’. Although we are still trying to define the term IoT, we know already for the best part the competences and skills these engineers need to have to perform. Or do we? The workshop strives to get an insight on the subjects every (future) IoT software engineer should have in his/her portfolio when starting in the industry. Join us if you have ideas about those subjects like programming, mathematics, physics, electronics, security etc and become an influencer of the skillset of these future engineers.


Peter Mazereeuw

Peter Mazereeuw is senior lecturer at the department of Computer Science of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and coordinator for the department’s profile. His passion lies with educating youngsters about the world and it’s technical wonders. He has worked for several Dutch universities, the St. Maarten government, Atos and was the founder of “DigiWorks”, an educational program on St. Maarten for students to express themselves in the Makers society.

Program Day 1

Our program on Thursday the 12th

Day 1 of Thingscon 2019 we will shape the future narratives of the responsible IoT and beyond together. You can dive deep with peers, thought leaders, innovators, and researchers from the ThingsCon community and beyond:

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Program Day 2

Our program on Friday the 13th

Day 2 of Thingscon 2019 is about the current state of the responsible IoT. You can get inspiration from thought leaders and practitioners from the field, get hands-on with the latest tools & insights and be part of the leading discours. To end Thingscon will present a State of the Responsible IoT in 2019:

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Tickets & info

12 / 13 December, Rotterdam | Get your tickets now!

Date and time

Thursday, 12 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 19:00 (CET)
Friday, 13 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 20:00 (CET)


Het Nieuwe Instituut
25 Museumpark, 3015 CB Rotterdam (map)


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Speakers & hosts

Our speakers & hosts

We are happy to announce our keynote speakers and hosts for sessions and workshops. These include:

Marleen Stikker
Tracy Rolling
Heather Wiltse
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Klasien van de Zandschulp
Mirena Papadimitriou
Davide Gomba
Wouter Reeskamp

But wait, there are many more:

All our Speakers & hosts