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Rotterdam 6 — 7 Dec It's time for a system reboot.

Elisa Giaccardi

Elisa Giaccardi is Professor and Chair of Interactive Media Design at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), where she leads the Connected Everyday Lab. From 2018, she also holds a visiting position as Professor of Post-Industrial Design at the Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden.

After groundbreaking work in metadesign, collaborative and open design processes, Elisa has during the last years focused on the challenges that a permeating digitalisation means for the field of design. Her recent research engages with “things” in new ways, with the starting point that “things” now hold both perception and possible agency (e.g. AI), and thus “participate” in design and use in ways that previous industrially produced objects could not.

Elisa is giving a keynote Friday December 7, 9:45h


ThingsCon is a 2 day event, packed with talks, workshops and other events.

Thu, Dec 6

Doors open 8:30h, opening 9:30h
9:45-10:30h: keynotes
10:45-12:45h: workshop round 1
13:00-15:00h: workshop round 2
15:15-17:15h: workshop round 3
17:30h keynote
18:00h pitches student hack challenge
19:00h drinks, award ceremony
Whole day: demos and more

Fri, Dec 7

Doors open 8:30h, opening 9:30h
9:45-10:45h: keynotes
11:00-13:00h: workshop round 4
14:00-17:30h: keynotes
17:30h: closing and drinks
Whole day: demos and more

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Practical Info

Date and time

thursday, 6 dec. 2018, 10:00 – friday, 7 dec. 2018, 20:00 (CET)


Bluecity 100 Maasboulevard, 3063 NS Rotterdam