Social justice futures for AI

Interactive session14:15-16:15*Room TBD

The Social Justice and AI network, a Dutch network of academics, students, and activists committed to mitigating and overcoming the dehumanizing and oppressive effects of AI and embodied AI technology and fostering social and environmental justice. We work on joint student projects with societal and industrial partners and on producing knowledge toward futures of diversity, belonging justice, and interconnectedness with AI and robots. We aim to create a national and eventually international network of transdisciplinary collaborations, and we produce resources for practice and research. 

More information on the workshop set-up will follow soon.


Cristina Zaga is an assistant professor at the University of Twente, affiliated with the Human-Centred Design group and DesignLab. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and double MSc in Cognitive Science and Human-Media interaction. Her research focuses on transdisciplinary methods, tools, and technology to facilitate societal transitions towards just, caring, and solidary futures involving communities, nature, and artificial agents. She applies her research in domains such as healthcare and the future of work. Additionally, Cristina leads the Social Justice and AI networks, which aim to address the dehumanizing and oppressive impacts of AI and embodied AI technology while promoting social and environmental justice.

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