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Rotterdam 6 — 7 Dec It's time for a system reboot.

Martina Huynh

Swiss designer trained in the Netherlands, specialized in design research and interactive installations with a strong conceptual focus.

Currently looking into how our relation to technology is shaped by its interfaces.

Living infrastructure

Mycorrhizal networks are mutually beneficial symbioses between plant roots and certain types of fungi – forming a beautifully complex infrastructure (for communication and the exchange of nutrients) that is alive, able to evolve and adapt to its environment.

Can we merge parts of our inanimate cable infrastructure with existing mycorrhizal networks to form a new symbiosis – to turn our infrastructure into a living organism that can grow, evolve and maintain itself? Can we integrate our technologies better with the natural landscape?

Instead of keeping ourselves busy with old modernist utopias like ‘smart cities’, can we envision different modalities of living together with our surrounding ecologies?

Martina is giving a keynote Friday December 7, 10:15h


ThingsCon is a 2 day event, packed with talks, workshops and other events.

Thu, Dec 6

Doors open 8:30h, opening 9:30h
9:45-10:30h: keynotes
10:45-12:45h: workshop round 1
13:00-15:00h: workshop round 2
15:15-17:15h: workshop round 3
17:30h keynote
18:00h pitches student hack challenge
19:00h drinks, award ceremony
Whole day: demos and more

Fri, Dec 7

Doors open 8:30h, opening 9:30h
9:45-10:45h: keynotes
11:00-13:00h: workshop round 4
14:00-17:30h: keynotes
17:30h: closing and drinks
Whole day: demos and more

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Practical Info

Date and time

thursday, 6 dec. 2018, 10:00 – friday, 7 dec. 2018, 20:00 (CET)


Bluecity 100 Maasboulevard, 3063 NS Rotterdam