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Rotterdam 6 — 7 Dec It's time for a system reboot.

Sami Niemelä

Sami is a designer and creative director working at the intersection of systems, foresight and design. In his daily work, he helps teams, products and companies to become future proof by design, first through optimal futures and then building the competence around the ideas that matter.

During over 20 years in the industry, he has worked on several continents and keeps on pushing the industry forward by new thinking. So far his work has earned him international patents, numerous awards and has built exits to the largest companies in the world.

Currently, he is one of the founders and the creative director of an advanced design firm Nordkapp, headquartered in Helsinki and working all over the world. On the side, Sami gives back to the community through professional organisations, events and conferences ranging from local meetups to sold-out major conferences.


Sami is hosting the workshop Actionable Futures Toolkit


ThingsCon is a 2 day event, packed with talks, workshops and other events.

Thu, Dec 6

Doors open 8:30h, opening 9:30h
9:45-10:30h: keynotes
10:45-12:45h: workshop round 1
13:00-15:00h: workshop round 2
15:15-17:15h: workshop round 3
17:30h keynote
18:00h pitches student hack challenge
19:00h drinks, award ceremony
Whole day: demos and more

Fri, Dec 7

Doors open 8:30h, opening 9:30h
9:45-10:45h: keynotes
11:00-13:00h: workshop round 4
14:00-17:30h: keynotes
17:30h: closing and drinks
Whole day: demos and more

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Practical Info

Date and time

thursday, 6 dec. 2018, 10:00 – friday, 7 dec. 2018, 20:00 (CET)


Bluecity 100 Maasboulevard, 3063 NS Rotterdam