Salon Antwerp

Part of ThingsCon 2021 Boutiques of Salons, 10 December

Theme – AI City interventions

Location: ONLINE


Anthony Liekens – Toward Hackable Cities

Toward hackable cities. Anthony shows examples of IoT projects in the city of Antwerp where citizens are deeply involved to think and build citizen science tools and, as such, contributing to smarter cities.

Anthony Liekens is a maker and a mad scientist. He runs Makerspace Antwerpen, where he helps citizens, organisations and companies to build smart hardware and to expand business models with smart opportunities. Where hardware is often considered to be hard, Anthony makes developing smart solutions doable. 

Workshops (CANCELLED):

Generative Design & Machine Learning (10:00-15:00)

Organised by Frederik De Bleser and Lievn Menschaert

IoT idea generation, what about it? (10:00-15:00)

Organised by Olivia De Ruyck & Dries De Roeck