In our podcast, ThingsCon Stories, we talk to experts from our community. Enjoy!

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Season 1

Season 1 features interviews with the contributors to our annual publication, the State of Responsible IoT (or RIOT Report for short).

Episode #09: Ludicrious IoT Dreams with Dries de Roeck and Iskander Smit

Episode #08: Designing “post human-centered” Interfaces with Maximilian Brandl and Philipp Kaltofen

Episode #07: How to design meaningful voice interactions? With Felipe Pierantoni

Episode #06: What to make of a year of crisis? With Simon Höher

Episode #05: What’s the Next Good Thing? With Gabriele Zipf and Antja Karoli

Episode #04: Must All Things Pass? Designing for the Afterlife of Things with Michael Stead and Paul Coulton

Episode #03: Is Doing Good a Design Impossibility? With Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Episode #02: Regeneration with Elise Marcus

Episode #01: Greening the Web with Michelle Thorne

Episode #00: Welcome to ThingsCon Stories