Salon Rotterdam

Part of ThingsCon 2021 Boutiques of Salons, 10 December

Theme: More Than Human

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut

What if the designs were not only made for humans but also for things, or other entities. We will have three workshops related to the topics of non-human at location in Rotterdam:

  • Rethink design, change our digital future, organised by Elisa Giaccardi, Grace Turtle, and Natalia Avlona
  • Subversive Citizen Manual for the More-Than-Human City, organised by Maria Luce Lupetti and Iohanna Nicenboim
  • Conjuring an Urban Smart-thing, organised by Tomasz Jaskiewicz and Iskander Smit

Keynote: Simone Rebaudengo

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More information on sessions:

Rethink design, change our digital future (14:00-17:00)

This workshop will introduce participants to the DCODE Network ambition to fundamentally rethink design, training researchers and designers to new competencies and roles for an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation of society. Through hands-on experimentation and reflective learning, participants will have an opportunity to be immersed into two specific challenges within DCODE:

  • How to design for trusted interactions across decentralized networks (Key Challenge #1) through the project Designing Co-Predictive Relations (ESR5)
  • How to co-create sustainable socio-economic models (Key Challenge #3) through the project Multi-Sided Value In Data-Driven Services (ESR8). See to learn more.

The workshop is organized and led by DCODE Project Lead Elisa Giaccardi and DCODE Fellows Grace Turtle and Natalia Avlona.

Subversive Citizen Manual for the More-Than-Human City (14:00-17:00)

In this workshop, we will explore the design space of contestation within the more-than-human city, employing thing-centered-design techniques, as Interviews with Things and role-playing, to envision a set of subversive strategies creating a manual of subversive strategies to disengage or mingle with artificial agents in the smart city. These strategies will be collected in a provocative document: The Subversive Citizen Manual for the More-Than-Human City.

This workshop is organised by Maria Luce Lupetti, Iohanna Nicenboim, and Viktor Bedö.

Conjuring an Urban Smart-thing (10:00-17:00)

We lack first-hand experiences with autonomous agents in the everyday-life setting. In this workshop, we will make a point of reference for debate and contestation of Ai-related developments by prototyping and testing an “urban smart-thing” on the streets of Rotterdam.

In this workshop a small group of participants will rapidly conceptualize and prototype an “urban smart-thing”: a plausible, autonomously operating agent envisioned to roam the public spaces of the near-future Rotterdam and confront the prototype with the citizens of Rotterdam. Afterwards a reflective session will discuss the learnings.

This workshop is organised by Tomasz Jaskiewicz and Iskander Smit.

Keynote: Simone Rebaudengo

Simone’s work focuses on exploring the implications of living and interacting with networked, smart, and autonomous systems. Sometimes they are real products, sometimes they are fictional. He is partner at and founding partner at