Cleaner air, one scan at a time!

AIRBOX was created to show the air pollution above the city of Amsterdam, literally! We wanted to educate people about the air quality in their region and form a community that will motivate them to act towards a better future. 

Our client, Waag,is a Future Lab for technology and society. They face the challenge of truly engaging citizens with the data that they are collecting from sensors installed within the area of North Amsterdam. They wanted us to make a creative and innovative way to communicate and visualize that data.

Our product consists of two parts, a physical product, and a digital product. 

The goal of the physical product is to raise awareness on air quality. It is a miniature version of North-Amsterdam, and it consists of lights and smoke that visualize the pm25 levels that is detected within that area. On the side of the casing there is a sticker with a QR-code and a short description of the different features of the design. 

The user can scan the QR-code and they will be directed to the digital product. The aim of the digital product is to motivate people to take actions to improve air quality. On the digital platform users can learn about the effect of different particles on the air quality in a fun and interactive way. Furthermore, users will be able to connect with other people that is also interested in improving the quality of air. This way we want to create a community that can support each other in the journey of improving air quality.

UniversityThe Hague University of Applied Sciences
Type of projectSemester Choice Smart Objects
Made byDee Larbboonsarp, Gabriela Justina, Maritina Lagaria, Kolawole Sanyaolu