CAReful improves the interaction between drivers and children so that they can cross streets safely and accidents are reduced

Traffic accidents occur every day when children must cross the road on their way. Due to various interfering factors, the interaction with other road users is not clear enough for both parties. In addition, various circumstances often lead to distraction, which can result in unintended traffic violations. Therefore, we asked ourselves the following question:

“How can an interaction between drivers and children on the road be achieved in order to reduce the risk of accidents?”

To solve this problem, children must be made visible to drivers. Furthermore, the behavior of drivers must be made clear to children, to give them a better understanding of when they can cross the road safely.

The wearable with a superpower 

Our system consists of two components. Firstly, a wearable that is best worn on the child’s school backpack. It is activated by pressing a button when the child wants to cross the street. The wearable then detects the child’s location and sends it to surrounding cars. In this way, we give children the superpower of making themselves visible.

When the vehicle receives the location data, a figure in a head-up display with augmented reality makes the child’s position directly visible to the driver. This figure appears at the exact point where the child is standing. In addition, a crosswalk appears indicating that the child wants to cross the street.

UniversityDarmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Media Faculty)
Type of project3rd Semester Project (Bachelor Degree, Interactive Media Design)
Maker(s)Tom Leissler, Diandra Hermann, Isabel Pfalzgraf, Christina Nguyen

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