The new generation of post boxes right outside your own home.

Project Information Post+

The Post+ postbox is the new generation of post boxes. It is a smart postbox that will help both the delivery person, and the person who ordered an item online. Don’t let the old school look of the postbox confuse you, it’s as high tech and as smart as they come.

It has several sensors built into it:

  • Distance sensor which triggers a small speaker that gives instructions to the user.
  • Light sensor that lets the user know if the postbox door is open.
  • Number pad which opens the door if the code is entered.
  • Pressure sensor which detects when a package is placed inside the box.

Our design will make it feel safer to order items online, and will remove the stress of waiting for a package that might not even arrive that day. It will also remove the terrible chance that a delivery person will leave a package on your porch, up for grabs. If further developed, it will even be able to enhance the smart home experience by communicating with other smart systems in the house, like a Nest device or a coffee machine.

UniversityAvans University of Applied Sciences – Communication and Multimedia Design
Type of projectProject for the module: Integrated Smart Systems
Maker(s)Jelle Hoogendijk, Daniël Mols, Joyce Korll, Daan van Gemert, Ashley Haagsma