seaming memory and love remotely

Seam leverages video calling to offer individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s a low-barrier opportunity to create togetherness at distance. It consists of scalable interaction: hardware for a person with Alzheimer’s with a video camera and a portable device connecting with the TV and an app for caregivers, friends and families. The two can asynchronously send voice recordings, videos and pictures and can video call or play multiplayer games, creating a space for voluntary and spontaneous participation.

Tech-accessibility is one of the core principles of Seam, which is why simple tapping interaction is enough to enter the digital connected world.  

Caregivers can also keep track of Alzheimer’s progression by examining how well the main user interacts with Seam. This can expose their cognitive ability, thus being able to prepare for any treatments earlier on. Unlike other products aimed at reinforcing memories of individuals with Alheimer’s, Seam focuses on the present moment. It delivers customized activities based on user preferences for them to create open-ended experiences.  

UniversityUmeå Institute of Design, Sweden
Type of projectTeam Project
Maker(s)Soh Heum Hwang, Oliver Weglinski, Anna Puchalska