a neighbourhood model reacting to your ecological footprint, in order to raise awareness of air pollution.

As a team we have designed an interactive object with the goal to spread awareness about air pollution. Our client, Waag Society, is an organisation which has around 200 air-quality sensors mainly placed in Wijk Aan Zee, Beverwijk and IJmuiden. The problem they faced was that they weren’t successful in spreading the collected data on pollution and sharing it with regular citizens. This is where our design, the SmoCube, comes in. The Smocube is an interactive installation that uses smoke to visualize and communicate air pollution. A person can walk up to the installation and tap the attached display to start the interactive experience. The display will present questions to the user regarding air pollution. When the user submits their answers the chamber of the SmoCube will fill up with smoke based on the given answers. When the SmoCube is not in use, the chamber will be cleared of all smoke from the last interaction. Then, the chamber will be filled with a certain amount of smoke, depending on the air quality in the area it is placed in. 

UniversityThe Hague University of Applied Sciences
Type of projectSemester project (Smart Objects)
Maker(s)Mark van der Heide, Daniel Mouthaan, Jokūbas Naudžiūnas , Daan van der Wel