UFO – Unidentified Fun Objects

A series of play experiments within our homes.

UFO – Unidentified Fun Objects is an exploration on play/fun for adults within their homes. The three fun objects Tumble, Wobble and Bobble are connected to each other to demand attention or remind you to take a break, play or just take some time off to relax. Looking at the effects of the pandemic on us and finding opportunity in the space of “fun/play” was quite challenging and looking at it from the perspective of how interaction design can help fill gaps or create an intervention for people during these times.

The goal of my final project was to explore play for adults, and how play can become your buddy (almost personifying play) when you need that well deserved break from the mundane WFH scenario today. The 3 objects explore various energy levels and what play means to adults, from the research there was no one thing about how and when adults prefer to play. What was important was that they have the options and the agency to play when they want and what they want.

UniversityCIID – Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, San José, Costa Rica
Type of project
MakerAakash Dewan

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