WakeUp Teddy

A Physical Interaction Design Boosting the Relationships Between Young Kids and Parents

The toy is the bridge between children and the outside world. Through the process of play, not only can it help children discover themselves and explore problems, but it also satisfies their innate curiosity and allows them to express their own views and attitudes about things. In this project, we present a prototype of an IoT Teddy bear that provides light feedback for the press and has a connection with Bluetooth of the mobile application. Unlike existing interactive toys concerned with light or sound feedback, we aimed to design a toy that would allow the connection between kids and parents remotely that offers an engaging experience for both kids and parents. This is WakeUp Teddy, an IoT toy to enhance such a feeling, especially for young kids who have more demand in being accompanied by their parents, to connect their parents remotely.

UniversityKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Type of projectCourse Project – Physical Interaction Design and Realization
Maker(s)Luthon Hagvinprice, Daniela Nicolasa Marin Muñoz, Huahua Tian

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