Interactive environments

Interactive Environments Minor

Work-In-Progress: Designing Content Modules for the Collections Wall of the TUDelft Library

The iconic Book Wall of the TUDelft Library needs an update to bring it into the 21st century. Transforming it should make the TUDelft Library a more lively place to interact, discuss and share knowledge with the wider TUDelft community. With the result of the Interactive Environments Minor we hope to contribute to this transformation. We will show our final proposals at the end of January 2024 with an exhibition. Now we are soliciting feedback on our prototypes of the ThingsCon community to help make our concepts stronger.

Team 01 – SYMBIO

Air pollution is an invisible issue and air purification is an invisible process. The installation makes this process visible and makes people aware of the power of nature.

Team 02 – GAmeS

creating a new way for students to experience healthier studying in the library

Team 03 – DigiTree

An interactive spectacle that celebrates the old by replacing it with the new. Everyone is allowed to share their thoughts, adding a communication hub to the library.

Team 04 – Dynamic Wall Expo

A collection of live, dynamic projects that showcase a wide range of work from TU Delft affiliated people. Open for all to see, be inspired, and possibly submit their own project for display.

Team 05 – Silhouette Symphonies

An enriching experience where ominous shadows share their wisdom, through past conversations.

Team 06 – Delphi

Life can make us feel many things. Overwhelmed by expectations, curious about what is to come or just grateful for the present. Delphi is an interactive space designed for you to express those feelings and more in its scenery and that gives you a personal source of inspiration in return.

Team 07 – Bubbly Break

A dynamic light and shadow installation inspired by the motion of the ocean. The installation acts as a calm and soothing relaxation area.