ThingsCon 2022 Summer Edition consists of talks, in-depth sessions, and hands-on workshops. We also invite inspiring cases from practice and academia to the stage and exhibition floor. But since it has been a long time since we were able to meet in real-life we kick off with a fun and playful social evening.

Thursday 9 June

An evening to catch up and meet the community (and build funky robots)

It has been over two years since we had the opportunity to come together and see each other face to face. So on Thursday evening, we provide you with plenty of time and a wonderful setting to catch up and get to know new friendly people from the community. We will serve nice food & drinks and have funky robots for you to build and play with. So whether you are with us for the first time or looking forward to meeting old friends, feel welcome and join us!

17:30-18:00Opening and welcome by the team
18:00-19:00Build funky robots and play with them
19:00-22:00Drinks & food

Get yourself one of the – diner ticket – options

Friday 10 June

a full day of inspiring keynotes, sessions, workshops and more

9:45-10:15Keynote Justyna Zubrycka
Teenage Engineering
10:15-10:30Introductions of workshops
10:30-12:30Workshops and sessions – round 1

Workshops and sessions – round 1:

The workshops and sessions program is powered by CLICKNL

12:30-13:30Lunch and visit the exhibition
13:30-14:00Short presentations on exhibited work
14:00-16:00Workshops and sessions – round 2

Workshops and sessions – round 2:

The workshops and sessions program is powered by CLICKNL

16:00-16:30Break, visit the exhibition
16:30-17:15Open stage & workshop recaps
17:15-17:45Keynote Kris Vanherle (Telraam)
17:45-18:00Closing by ThingsCon team


AMBYA new autonomous mobility concept – TU Delft graduation project by Jael Lorenzo Sprinkhuizen
animistic prototypesSelection of prototypes made by the students of TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering
Argo DesignProtoype animism in design
City of Things LAB010Prototypes made with the research platform for smart urban things
Clouds above usProject by Annelie Berner that inspires others to pursue questions of complex climate data expression further
Conversations with robotsPrototypes made in the workshop
Digital city twinPrototype projects using Rotterdam Digital Twin by students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
DodedaAn AI-driven lighting controller for the smart home of the future, made by students of TU/e.
OB-4Play digital music made physical with the Teenage Engineering device
OneThirdCritical design installation confronting users with their privileges around drinking water by students Lina Rieck and Anne Merkle of UAS Magdeburg-Stendal
SmartibotsResults of Thursday’s Funky Robots workshop
TelraamCheck the device presented in the keynote closeby
Unintended smart thingsUncover and reflect on the (hidden) unintended, consequences living with autonomous smart things, project by TU/e student Gizing Khalandi