Disposable Identities & Trust

‘How can you trust?’ Disposable Identities, UX Design Workshop includes a presentation on Disposable Identities by expert and visionary Rob van Kranenburg (disposableidentities.eu), followed by a UX Design Workshop run by the Twinds Foundation (twinds.org) focusing on the user interface to Self-Sovereign Identity – in particular the challenges of designing a truly user-friendly way to own, manage and protect our identities and data online.

A live Disposable Identities Design Demonstration – with insights from early user testing – will be followed by a Design Workshop to brainstorm around a number of core UX challenges: How to establish anonymous-yet-trusted connections with others? How to back-up and recover decentralised ‘identities and data’ wallets? And should the responsibility lie completely in the users hands?

Speaker profiles

Rob van Kranenburg

Rob van Kranenburg (1964) is the Founder of Council_IoT and #iotday. He wrote The Internet of Things. A critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID, Network Notebooks 02, Institute of Network Cultures. Together with Christian Nold he published Situated Technologies Pamphlets 8: The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World. He works as Ecosystem Manager for the EU project Next Generation Internet.

van Kranenburg R. et al. (2020) Future Urban Smartness: Connectivity Zones with Disposable Identities. In: Augusto J.C. (eds) Handbook of Smart Cities. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-15145-4_56-1

Advisory Board I.J.Cyber Forensics&Advanced Threat Investigations


Lorna Goulden

Lorna Goulden works as a Digital Experience Principal and is also a Venture Advisor at LumoLabs and co-founder of the Twinds Foundation – an SSI and Disposable Identities non-profit. She also initiated the Eindhoven IoT Meetup and the Eindhoven ThingsNetwork and more recently joined the board of ThingsCon. Her passion is to navigate between the different cultures of Design, Technology and Business. Building bridges whilst advocating more sustainable value creation that is driven by more meaningful user experiences. Together with ThingsCon she ran the workshop series the Trust Toolkit – with a vision to identify the tools needed to rebuild our trust in technology and data driven business.

J. Isohanni, L. Goulden, K. M. Hermsen, M. Ross and J. Vanbockryck, “Disposable identities; enabling trust-by-design to build more sustainable data driven value,” 2021 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience (CSR), 2021, pp. 378-383, doi: 10.1109/CSR51186.2021.9527950

More to follow!