Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Embodied AI

DEI4EAI project aims to critique and change the existing common and controversial norms and provide tangible resources for practicing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) when developing embodied AI.

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Cristina Zaga

Cristina Zaga is an Assistant Professor, speaker, and maker of poetic robots. At the Human-Centered Design Group and The DesignLab of the University of Twente, Cristina’s research bridges engineering, design, and social science to develop robotic technology responsibly and in a transdisciplinary fashion. Cristina believes in the power of poetic computation to bring about future-oriented reflection in robot development. Currently, she co-leads a 4TU consortium on co-designing embodied AI (from robots to smart objects, from e-health agents to chatbots) that takes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into account. In the consortium, her research focus bridge engineering practices to design, social science, and citizen participation for responsible DEI in embodied AI.
Her effort in this direction is made concrete by co-developing Responsible Futuring, a transdisciplinary approach to co-shape the future we want to live in. She is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at international and national events (e.g., TEDx, LaserTalks, DDW) and she has organized workshops at HRI, Ro-Man and design conferences. Her award-winning work in Human-Robot Interaction and Responsible Technology has received many academic and societal accolades, for instance the Google Women TechMaker Scholarship 2018 for her research quality and her efforts to make STEM more inclusive to women and children.

Maria Luce Lupetti

Maria Luce Lupetti is a an Assistant Professor at TU Delft. Her research lays at the intersection of design, AI, and robotics. She holds a PhD cum laude in “Production, Management and Design” from Politecnico di Torino, Italy (2018). Her doctoral research, focused on human-robot interaction and play for children, was supported by the Italian telecommunication company TIM. Prior to this position, Maria Luce was a Research Fellow at Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions Institute (2018-2019)