Funky Robots

Ross Atkin will take us on a fun experience to build funky robots to get in the mood for this year’s ThingsCon. We will use the Crafty Robots he developed for so-called telepresence game experiments.

Impression of a funky robots event

About Ross Atkin

Ross is a designer and engineer based in Hackney, East London. I am interested in older and disabled people, digital technology and public space ad work on projects that combine at least two of these areas.

Whilst research is core to my practice he prioritises projects that are close to production/implementation over those that are more conceptual or speculative. He tries and works with clients that share this point of view including well-established UK manufacturing companies such as Stannah and Marshalls as well as charities like Scope and government bodies like the Royal Borough of Greenwich and TfL. He pulls together a network of software engineers, graphic designers, researchers and film makers to deliver design-focused research and products that straddle the digital/physical divide and solve actual problems.

Ross Atkin is also a regular speaker at conferences on the Internet of Things, The Clever City, and accessibility.