With ‘Immers-Actions’ we mean the interactions we have with physical/virtual objects in a hybrid world. Today we present a ‘hybrid light-switch’ as a proof of concept for immersactions in the city of Rotterdam. 

Participants can enter the digital Stadslab-twin in the virtual digital city of Rotterdam in which they will find the virtual twin-object of a physical device in the physical Stadslab in the physical city of Rotterdam. By interacting with the virtual twin-device also the physical device will respond to the user’s actions, as can be viewed through a live webcam-stream.

We use this proof-of-concept as a conversation piece to start discussions on the possibilities and desirabilities of hybrid interactions.

Concept: Elise van Beurden, Brian de Lange, Peter van Waart (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)

Realisation: Jack Hoefnagel, Noa van der Horst, Brian de Lange, Stadslab Rotterdam  (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands).