Session at NGI Policy Summit

We will host a session at the NGI Policy Summit that is held online 28 September, titled: Learning from ‘critical making’ – Good Things for the Next Generation Internet
Join us to discuss the benefits of critical making in the process of policy making. The team of ThingsCon will share experiences from 7 years of organising conferences and salons, setting up a trustmark and publishing research.

By connecting products to the internet — by adding a data layer to the physical world, and by physically manifesting the internet — we change the very nature of the things themselves. And for the last decade or two, just about everything has been connected in one way or another. At ThingsCon, we’ve been exploring how to do so more responsibly, and…better. ‘Critical making’ is a crucial part of the mix of gathering understanding in connected products over the years. ThingsCon has built a reputation to mix critical making with policy thinking and in this session, we would like to share what we’ve learned from years of involving the makers’ community to foster the creation of a responsible IoT. Making as a way of understanding and grounding, or just as a way to bring home the policy discussions.

Join us 28 September 15:30-16:15h and share your views with us. We aim for an interactive session, with opening statements by Peter Bihr, Lorna Goulden, Simon Höher, Andrea Krajewski, and Iskander Smit.

More information on the event and the session on the website of NGI Policy Summit. Registration is free of charge.