Stay-at-Home TH/NGS Jam

ThingsCon is organising a ‘distributed makers jam’ on Friday 5th of June on the theme of physical connection in time of virtual gathering. We invite designers, makers, tinkerers of our community and beyond to join us for a this day of making, sharing and fun.

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Physical connection in time of virtual gathering

Is this the new normal? Living apart together with our friends, our colleagues, connecting via virtual meeting spaces, online houseparties and events. Less than two months in but we start to get used to it. But we also miss something; the physical interaction and presence. Cues that go beyond the screen. Sensing beyond listening. 

Trying to bring physicality to communicating over a distance is not a new concept in the IoT community. It has been part of ubiquitous computing since the term was coined at Xerox Parc in the 1990’s. Concepts and products like Livewire, Availabot, Gustbowl, Goodnight Lamp, Nabaztag, Pillow Talk and many others, point to interactions that seem more relevant than ever. And they could be more integrated in our new home-work-play-spaces.

That’s why we are organising the Stay-at-home TH/NGS Jam a day for our community to share the fun of exploring these physical connections.

We invite all makers to dive in their connected hardware drawers and start prototyping ideas. Some will have earlier work to build on, others like to start exploring now.

And if you are not up to making yourself, we invite you to join to help out testing or come watching the demos at the end of the day.

Things you could do during the jam:

  • scratch that itch; work on an idea that has been floating in your brain for a few weeks
  • share your idea: show it to fellow makers and inspire and help each other
  • collaborate: work on an idea from 2 (or more) home studios
  • learn about (responsible) tools and methods used by other makers
  • test! test your prototype or that of someone else from a distance
  • have fun during home office hours! This is not a battle or a competition, it is all about exchange and sharing the fun

Preliminary program 9:00 – 18:00 CEST

πŸ’‘ plenary kick-off chat flipping through some inspirational projects
πŸ‘‹πŸ» (optional) introducing of ideas people want to work on
🏠 jamming at home with open channels to connect to other makers
πŸ”„ update around lunchtime, sharing experiences
πŸ›  ending with demo-hour 
πŸ™ƒ unplanned drinks after

Do you want to join the
Stay-at-home TH/NGS Jam?
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