Check out our complete program for 2019

ThingsCon 2019 is just 2 weeks away (12 & 13 December)! We are stoked with how our program is shaping up! The sessions and talks offer a diverse look on responsible IoT and promise to deliver inspiration and actionable knowledge!

Thursday’s program has a new setup with four parallel unconference inspired tracks. Want to actively shape responsible IoT with the makers, thought leaders, and designers of the ThingsCon community? Well, tickets are almost gone so be sure to secure your place if you want to join this participatory program.

Friday promises to be a classic ThingsCon day with mix of inspirational sessions, keynotes and a vibrant expo. Scroll down for more details on our program.

Get your tickets ASAP to join in on Thursday’s activities. And be aware; the early bird deal ends December 1st!

Overview of our program


  • Marleen Stikker, founder of Waag. Publishes a book to celebrate 25 years of Waag on how to fix the Internet.
  • Heather Wiltse, assistant professor at Umea University (Sweden), writer of Changing Things, an insightful book on a new type of product that is established while using as part of the network
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, writer of Smarter Homes as a cultural phenomenon, and recognized as one of the most influential women in tech.
  • Tracy Rolling, experience director of international design agency Futurice in Berlin where she mixes emerging technologies and service design. She has been focused on emerging technology, especially the IoT, previously working with Philips and Nokia.
  • Irini Papadimitriou is a curator and cultural manager at the cutting edge of design and technology. She serves as creative director at FutureEverything. Before, she headed the V&A’s Digital Futures program.
  • Klasien van de Zandschulp is a maker and a storyteller of critical digital and physical experiences building installations on several festivals like Dutch Design Week, IDFA and Sundance.
  • Wouter Reeskamp is co-founder of Sophisti, an early maker of connected products.
  • Davide Gomba, started the Casa Jasmina project 5 years ago and will share on its sunsetting and lessons learned.

Unconference (Thursday 12 December 10:30-17:30)

  • How do we shape a responsible society? Curated by Max Krüger and Simon Höher, with introduction by Sophie Bloemen (Vision for a Shared Digital Europe) and workshops by Rob van Kranenburg (NGI Forward) and Theo Veltman (Gemeente Amsterdam), and Virt-EU.
  • How do we shape responsible design practice? Curated and moderated by Dries De Roeck, Arne Berger and Albrecht Kurze, frankensteining IoT design methods in a shared insight into the drivers.
  • How do we shape responsible IoT in successful products? Curated by Lorna Goulden, with talks by Marcel Schouwenaar and Cayla Key, and workshop by STBY (Megan Anderson and Shay Raviv).
  • How do we shape the future? Lily Higgins (ao Changeist)  and Elise Marcus (Mother Earth Network) on the future relationships of humans and non-humans.

Workshops (Friday 13 December 11:00-13:00)

  • (The business of) trust in IoT; Responsible tech and cybernetics – with Peter Bihr, Jens Ewald, Simon Höher, Sarah Kiden
  • Living with the machines – with Iskander Smit, Maria Luce Lupetti, Guus Baggermans, Gijs Huisman, Cristina Zaga, Heather Wiltse
  • Into the mud – workshop deep dive in building IoT products with Yanev Klimet
  • Lora in practice – KPN specialists help you connect your first device
  • Industruino – make workshop with new Arduino device for industrial IoT by Loic De Buck
  • NoT Workshop – build you own network of things with Trammell and Holly Hudson
  • Ideating (Female) Mobility – Lieke Ytsma and Frieda Bellmann (White Octopus) supported by Nikky Lenstra
  • Critical storytelling – with End of Time Band, Edwin Jakobs, Hanna Marckmann, Tijmen Schep, Vera van de Seyp
  • The Hacking City – with Sjoerd ter Borg, Kars Alfrink, Naomi Schiphorst, moderated by Gerd Kortuem

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