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Resurrecting IoT darlings

What happens when the digital service that powers your favourite smart product stops working? You are often left with a beautiful but lifeless pobject. But in special cases communities form that bring your smart darling back to life. In this Thingscon Salon on May 16th we want to learn from these IoT voodoo-masters.

Resurrecting IoT darlings – design for an extended product lifecycle.A ThingsCon Salon about what can happen when a the digital side of your favourite smart product.

There will be a workshop where participants can perform resurrection hands-on and in the evening there will be talks/discussion with the IoT voodoo masters and other experts on the why’s, experiences and what lessons are there to be learned for future connected products.

We are very happy to have Bas Flipsen contributing with his views on design for repair. Bas is associate lecturer at Delft University of Technology and senior researcher at iFixit.

Did you bring your favourite deceased IoT product back from the dead or know examples of people who did? We love to hear from you – mail us ( We will collect the best examples and make them available at the Salon.

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