ThingsCon Talent Award 2022

Just like earlier years, we organize a Talent Award part at the ThingsCon Summer Edition 2022, 9 June to be precise. Enter your project and you can win a nice award and attention for your work.

How does it work?

  • You apply to be part of the Talent Exhibition and Awards via this form
  • When you meet the requirements your project will be invited to be part of the competition
  • Your project will be part of our online exhibition on Friday 10 June.
  • We invite you to pitch your project in a short presentation in the program 10 June
  • The public of ThingsCon can vote on the projects
  • The winner(s) of the public voting will be announced in at the end of the day

Requirements for entry:

  • Individual projects or team projects can enter
  • You must be able to present your work at ThingsCon on Thursday 10 June (time to be announced)
  • The work should be a product and/or service that can be classified as IoT (Internet of Things) or a connected product-service, meaning physical objects that create value by being wireless connected to other objects and/or the Internet
  • We will specifically value responsible and human-centric projects

If you have any questions, contact You can have a look at the talent awards of 2021.

Good luck!

Team ThingsCon