designing (un)intended consequences for inclusivity

Workshop11:00-13:006th Floor c

Since the discovery of ‘the microwave case’ and it’s power to dissolve family traditions Anna is obsessed with the implicit power of design and artifacts and how they shape our lives. If we can make people addicted by design can we make people addicted to helping others? Can we design things that only bring out the best in us?   Anna will reflect on a couple of cases in an interactive session using the methodologies that Ink social design has developed to design for consequences and societal impact.


Anna Noyons

Anna Noyons is a strategist with a strong aesthetic sense.

She believes in creating a positive impact through design. At (ink). They create products, services and systems that bring out the best in people, helping organisations (small and large, commercial and governmental) reach their goals and make a positive impact by improving their strategies, products and services. Combining design, psychology and a start-up mentality to transform big societal challenges into concrete solutions.

Header image imagined by Midjourney from session title