The program is still subject to change; more will be added, and times are preliminary.

Find the details on our 2023 conference program below.

  • Thursday 14 December Pre-event 17:30-21:30 at VONK Rotterdam
  • Friday 15 December 9:30-19:00 at Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam

Pre-event 14 December

Gathering for speakers and hosts, and a limited number of tickets for our participants. Join this community event with a fun short workshop, dinner and drinks, organised in collaboration with VONK innovation center of City of Rotterdam (Timmerhuis).

17:30Walk-in, drinks, welcome wordsVONK offices
18:45Start dinnerVONK offices
21:30Wrapping upVONK offices

Conference 15 December

The conference is held at Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam.

9:30Welcome by ThingsCon team
9:45Opening keynote Maria Luce Lupetti
10:15Introductions of workshops and exhibition pitches:
– Conspiracy Capitaliser
– Eco-Urban Futures
11:00Workshops and sessions – Powered by CLICKNL
🧰 Repairing unintended/unwanted consequences of existing Smart City Technologies
🧠 Generative Genie: Referencing in the Neural Network Playground
🥙 Labeling for the food commons
🔮 Social Justice Futures in AI
🏠 From simple sensors to (un-)intended implications
13:00Lunch and visit to the exhibition
14:00Introduction afternoon sessions
14:15Workshops and sessions – Powered by CLICKNL
🏠 From (un-)intended implications for privacy to implications for design and use
🏙️ Social Smart Cities
🚗 Responsible Urban Sensing
🤍 designing (un)intended consequences for inclusivity
🔗 Illuminating relations, finding connections: Diagramming smart (safety) objects in cities
⛱️ Join us for a Coastal Futuring adventure!
16:15Break and visit to the exhibition
16:45Plenary short case presentations
– Algae Cloud
– sCOOL2walk
– DRG4FOOD Toolbox
– RIOT publication
– AI-generated gender-ambiguous child toys
– Next Level Engineering student projects
– Datadonation Dataslip
– Touching interface
– The Camera Car Fair / The Fair Camera Car
17:30Closing keynote Bas van de Poel
18:00Wrap up

Exhibition contributions

The exhibition will offer – as always – a rich mix of student projects, cases from practice, installations, and more!

The Conspiracy Capitaliser: A deep dive into AI, social media, and profitRobert Collins
Creating Monsters: crafting gender-ambiguous child toys through reflexive designer-AI interactionsAnne Arzberger
Next Level Engineering, student projects The Hague University Master24 students with six projects
Dataslip, project designerly data donationAlejandra Gomez Ortega
Embodied behaviors of unintended hoodbotsTomasz Jaskiewicz
A Touching InterfaceSadie Girigorie
The Camera Car Fair / The Fair Camera CarTessa Steenkamp
Conversation Starters: How Can We Misunderstand AI Better?Iohanna Nicenboim
Eco-Urban FuturesSeowoo Nam
Algae CloudNeva Linn Rustad
sCOOL2walkDarianne DeFreitas
The DRG4FOOD toolbox : Digital Responsibility Goals and Enabling Technologies for building responsible data-driven solutions in the Food SectorLorna Goulden
More to follow!


Registration is open! Early bird until 21 November

Max 30 tickets available; before 7 December.