The program is still subject to change; more will be added, and times are preliminary.

Find the details on our 2023 conference program below.

  • Thursday 14 December Pre-event 17:30-21:30 at VONK Rotterdam
  • Friday 15 December 9:30-19:00 at Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam

Pre-event 14 December

Gathering for speakers and hosts, and a limited number of tickets for our participants. Join this community event with a fun short workshop, dinner and drinks, organised in collaboration with VONK innovation center of City of Rotterdam (Timmerhuis).

17:30Walk-in, drinks, welcome wordsVONK offices
18:45Start dinnerVONK offices
21:30Wrapping upVONK offices

Conference 15 December

The conference is held at Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam.

9:30Welcome by ThingsCon team
9:45Opening keynote Maria Luce Lupetti
10:15Introductions of workshops and exhibition pitches:
– Conspiracy Capitaliser
– Eco-Urban Futures
– introduction student projects
11:00Workshops and sessions – Powered by CLICKNL
🧰 Repairing unintended/unwanted consequences of existing Smart City Technologies
🧠 Generative Genie: Referencing in the Neural Network Playground
🥙 Labeling for the food commons
🤍 designing (un)intended consequences for inclusivity
🏠 From simple sensors to (un-)intended implications
🎗️ Intercommunal Collaborations: Imagining the Pluriverse of Technology
13:00Lunch and visit to the exhibition
14:00Introduction afternoon sessions
14:15Workshops and sessions – Powered by CLICKNL
🏠 From (un-)intended implications for privacy to implications for design and use
🏙️ Social Smart Cities; “Are you being served?”
🚗 Responsible Urban Sensing
🔗 Illuminating relations, finding connections: Diagramming smart (safety) objects in cities
⛱️ Join us for a Coastal Futuring adventure!
🕵️ Designing interventions for smart doorbells
🛜 Easy get started with IoT
16:15Break and visit to the exhibition
16:45Plenary short case presentations
– sCOOL2walk
– DRG4FOOD Toolbox
– AI-generated gender-ambiguous child toys
– Next Level Engineering student projects
– Datadonation Dataslip
– Touching interface
– The Camera Car Fair / The Fair Camera Car
17:30Closing keynote Bas van de Poel
18:00Wrap up

Exhibition contributions

The exhibition will offer – as always – a rich mix of student projects, cases from practice, installations, and more!

The Conspiracy Capitaliser: A deep dive into AI, social media, and profitRobert Collins
Creating Monsters: crafting gender-ambiguous child toys through reflexive designer-AI interactionsAnne Arzberger
Next Level Engineering, student projects The Hague University Master24 students with six projects
Dataslip, project designerly data donationAlejandra Gomez Ortega
Embodied behaviors of unintended hoodbotsTomasz Jaskiewicz
A Touching InterfaceSadie Girigorie
The Camera Car Fair / The Fair Camera CarTessa Steenkamp
Conversation Starters: How Can We Misunderstand AI Better?Iohanna Nicenboim
Eco-Urban FuturesSeowoo Nam
Algae CloudNeva Linn Rustad
sCOOL2walkDarianne DeFreitas
The DRG4FOOD toolbox : Digital Responsibility Goals and Enabling Technologies for building responsible data-driven solutions in the Food SectorLorna Goulden
Happy Trees SensorMADE students AMS institute
Future of technology for impaired athletes and solar powerstudents Master Digital Design University of Amsterdam
Interactive environments7 projects from Delft University of Technology faculty Industrial Design


Registration is open! Early bird ended 21 November

Max 30 tickets available; before 7 December.