Generative Genie: Referencing in the Neural Network Playground

Workshop11:00-13:00Room 1

When talking about  “Artificial Intelligence”, one often actually refers to the generative models. ChatGPT, LLM; a word-soup in which a path of connections is found.

The use of artificially generated outputs creates unintended consequences that raises questions about ownership. When an output is generated by a computer, what was the input for it?

In an interactive session, hosts Omotola Bolarin and Elise Marcus from Coordinature will guide your through the unintended biases of data outputs.


Omotola Bolarin & Elise Marcus unite their passion for anthropomorphic data, bridging the gap between information and understanding. Together they lead Coordinature, a multimedia organisation dedicated to crafting collaborative tools and transformative experiences.

Omotola Bolarin

Omotola Bolarin is an energetic user-experience visionair. Reverse engineering the thinking patterns of artificial intelligence, and thereby clarifying for humans what it feels like to be a bot, is one of his passions. With a background in communication and experience as a CTO for organisations such as the Neurodiversity Foundation and 2Tango, Omotola drives Coordinature’s mission to innovate the processes that streamline thought-to-expression.

Elise Marcus

Elise Marcus is a storytelling luminary whose heart beats for weaving narratives that resonate. She deconstructs conversations by turning them into captivating audio-visual tales. Her work on the Mother Earth Network and has been exhibited in various museums, from Eye Film Museum to Het Nieuwe Instituut. Elise shapes Coordinature’s vision towards world-wide collaboration with commercial organisations, experts, research institutes and citizens. Motivating people to think along and participate in creating new sustainable systems.

Header image imagined by Midjourney from session title