Intercommunal Collaborations: Imagining the Pluriverse of Technology

Workshop11:00-13:006th Floor b

Intercommunal Collaborations challenges you to re-imagine the world and re-design technology.

During the session, you will let go of the assumed universals of modernity and move into the pluriverse of interculturality. As technological advancements are transforming society at an unprecedented rate, you will take a moment to ask, “What worldviews are these technologies reinforcing?” and “Against what ideals are we assessing innovation?”

Facilitating the process, Zeynep will take you through a value-centred approach; dissecting the modern-capitalist values of our current technologies and exploring diverse possibilities introduced by the Intercommunal Collaborations platform. Working on case studies, you will experiment with how our everyday gadgets would look, feel, and function differently in an alternative world.

Seeking the pluriverse, the session provides you with the space and tools to innovate for a world where many worlds co-exist.


Zeynep U─čur is a transition designer tackling wicked problems through value-centricity and systems thinking. She researches through design and makes sense of complexity through visualizations. Telling nuanced stories in creative mediums, she facilitates the co-designing of innovative solutions. Embracing and appreciating the unpredictable nature of the challenges she designs for; she lays an emphasis on reflection and multi-scale thinking.

Having experience in designing for international development and inclusion of marginalized groups, Zeynep is currently giving value-centered design workshops and providing services in strategy, co-creation, storytelling, and design research.