Future of technology for impaired athletes and solar power

The Master Digital Design is a one-year program at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This program is dedicated to fostering professionals in design who bring a thoughtful approach to creating, adapting, and applying design processes, all while considering ethical perspectives on people, profit, and the planet.

Currently, our students are exploring the future of technology with a focus on enhancing the participation of impaired athletes in sports. Their goal is to empower athletes by providing more autonomy and agency in their sports experiences. Students are diligently working on developing robotics for visually impaired runners and addressing the unique needs of athletes in activities like bouldering or Zumba dancing. Additionally, they are studying communication challenges faced by deaf athletes in high-action team sports like soccer.

In parallel, two other teams are investigating the influence of solar power. Through the creation of two installations, they are capturing invisible radiation from the sun and using it to produce visualizations while fostering interactive experiences.

Join us on this academic journey where thoughtful design meets technological innovation, creating a future that’s inclusive and considerate for all.

The works of the students will be part of the exhibition.