Easy get started with IoT 

Workshop14:15-16:156th Floor c

So you have read all the articles and seen all the video’s, maybe even attended a talk about IoT but now you really want to get started with IoT yourself, yeah.

Everything is easier once you have seen it done before. And most things get easier once someone lined up the basic steps for you. And that’s exactly what we will do. In a short presentation we will outline the all the basic aspects to consider when planning your project: Things such as what to measure with a device, networks to connect through, ways to process the data and how to consume it. We’ll talk about the IoT platforms to support you, and how to align them. Next we will have some devices available to play with, and we’ll split up in small groups to get them going in the practical part of the workshop.

You will walk away with a clear plan, consisting of steps to take and what to consider to get you going with your IoT project.


Martijn Voerman
Martijn Voerman

As a UX Designer Martijn Voerman likes to support maintainable code with consistent user interfaces, for complex products people actually want to use. As a UX Director he likes to coach teams towards autonomy while creating bits of awesome and having a laugh. As a IoT enthusiast he loves how it takes it all offline. ‘Cause that’s where it’s at. 

This workshop has been given in different forms a few times before. Martijn likes stress the hands-on quality and the fact he would have loved to attent it himself if it would have been available back in the day. He currently works freelance for a large telecom company, creating their DIY IoT platform together with about 50 colleagues in Rotterdam.

Tim IJpenga is a software developer with a passion for frontend technologies. He believes that creating user interfaces that are both easy to use and visually appealing is crucial for any software application. He is always looking for ways to improve the user experience for complex applications and make his work more enjoyable for users.

Together with Martijn and numerous other colleagues he is working on KPN’s DIY IoT platform.

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