Labelling For the Food Commons

Workshop11:00-13:00Studio 1

The Labelling For the Food Commons workshop is about commoning food, predictive algorithms and sensing kitchens and bodies. It engages participants in an experimental machine-teaching activity to investigate the struggle of keeping communities in the cybernetic loop of automating the fair distribution of rescued food.


Dr Viktor Bedö

Dr Viktor Bedö is a Visiting Professor at the FHNW Critical Media Lab Basel. His experimental design research is concerned with crafting
commoning-based and more-than-human imaginaries of urban
infrastructures. In his writing, workshops and speculative artefacts he
explores questions of scale, community-based machine teaching and
shifting to other-than-human perspectives. Formerly he was a street
game designer with Tacit Dimension and Invisible Playground, freelance innovation consultant and acquired a PhD in Philosophy with a thesis about urban mapping and embodied knowledge.

Header image imagined by Midjourney from session title