Social Smart Cities: “Are you being served?”

Workshop14:15-16:15Studio 1

Technological applications used by governments to make a city smart are often helpful in government surveillance and enforcement tasks. Smart technologies then serve government surveillance. Examples include camera cars driving around to fine people who have not paid for parking, and waste containers that open only after an resident identifies themselves as a legitimate user.

In this workshop, we will take up the challenge of transforming these surveillance applications into service applications with the aim of serving city residents rather than controlling them with technology. So that people feel welcome and valued in the city.


Peter van Waart’s mission is to create meaningful experiences for people, whether they are students, colleagues, clients or customers. He believes that real value comes from putting human values in the center of designing products, services and environments.

As lecturer and researcher, he teaches and researches how emerging technologies and media can be used in designing meaningful experiences. He connects research with education, and university with practice. He coordinated the minors Experience Branding, Pervasive Design, Experience Design for the Internet of Things, and Urban Interaction Design.