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Good Things Fest

7 – 11 December 2020

Mark you calendars! This year we’re moving the annual Thingscon conference online, and are excited to share the first details.

Like many other communities this year, we’ve been pondering on what to do with the annual thingscon conference. Ever since the pandemic took off, it feels like we’ve been getting bombarded with online events and conferences. Amongst many of us the feeling of online event deprivation is high altough we still seek for togetherness with peers.

With Good Things Fest we want to introduce an online event format that spans across a week and consists of multiple smaller scale gatherings. Doing so, we hope to provide spaces for interaction with an extra friendly and constructive vibe.

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5 super flexible days

Good Things Fest offers 5 days of organised activities. We invite everyone to participate in their own way, be it just for one session or to hang out all week – all is good.

To accomodate to different groups and interests, we have split up our programme in 4 large parts. A Good Things ticket gives you access to all plenary events, additional signups might be required. Keep an eye on our full programme for all information.

We are very open to contributions to our programme from the community. If you have an idea to host a session or workshop as part of Good Things Fest, please  reach out  and we’ll see if and how we can make it work!

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