While ThingsCon started out as a conference, it has since grown into a global community. Events around the globe serve as the backbone of that community.

Upcoming events

ThingsCon Salons & Conferences

ThingsCon events come in two sizes: Smaller, more intimate ThingsCon Salons that often focus on one topic and larger, often multi-day ThingsCon Conferences.

Additionally, we organize various activities to advocate for creating a responsible IoT. This includes research, publications and field research trips like excursions to the hardware ecosystem of Shenzhen, China.

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Past events






ThingsCon Conference 2019

12, 13 December 2019

Rotterdam, NL

ThingsCon Salon: Energy, Environment & IoT
19 November 2019
Denver, CO

ThingsCon Salon: The Future of IoT
Spetember 11 2019
Denver, CO

ThingsCon Unconference

24 May 2019





ThingsCon Amsterdam

1-2 December 2016

Amsterdam, NL

ThingsCon Community Night at Darefest16
24 August 2016
Antwerp, BE
ThingsCon session @ Mozfest London 
29 October 2016
London, UK
ThingsCon Salon Shanghai
4 November 2016
上海 徐汇区 1/F No. 328 Hunan Road
ThingsCon Meetup Vienna
26 July 2016
Vienna, O
ThingsCon Meetup Rio de Janeiro
10 August 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Br
ThingsCon Meetup Belém
25 August 2016
Pará, Br

Futurice & ThingsCon Conference

10 Sep 2016

Berlin, D

ThingsCon Meetup Lisbon
26 May 2016
Lisbon, P
ThingsCon Salon: Can IoT create a smart society
8 July 2016
Eindhoven, NL
ThingsCon Salon: The Internet of Toys
7 October 2016
Amsterdam, NL
ThingsCon Salon: Blockchain, IoT & People
29 February 2016
Brussels, BE

ThingsCon Salon: The Internet of Touch
1 April 2016
Amsterdam, NL
ThingsCon Salon: Speculative Design Workshop
13 May 2016
Rotterdam, NL
ThingsCon Salon: Ethics & IoT
10 June 2016
Rotterdam, NL

ThingsCamp – ThingsCon local organizer retreat

2-4 Sept 2016

Berlin, D